Hi, I'm Ned


As a UX designer, I strive to give users a design that is invisible. I want users to be able to go about their days without encountering problems. With that accomplished, I can looked to build delight into an experience.

I refocused on design at Designation. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design and chasing my interest in photojournalism at the Daily Illini, I worked as a photo editor at Encyclopaedia Britannica on a large annual of world affairs and current events. I continued following my interests, working at a record store and a vegan cafe before finding that UX is what I was looking for.

I’m a creator and a collector. I love making things on my own, whether furniture, photos, or just food. I like the feeling of making something out of seemingly nothing. I find myself collecting objects that contribute to my identity. My music collection has spread across CD, vinyl, cassette, and even floppy disk.